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HUGO Bug (Amiga)

I have discovered a very weird bug.  Not sure its a HUGO problem
or a problem specific to the Amiga port.  Here goes
verb "set"
* object "to" number DoSet
i.e. set dial to 12
Basically everything is A.o.k as longs as I DO NOT use 1 as my number
set dial to 4 works o.k.  set dial to -100 works ok.
set dial to 1 DOES NOT work.
Not even an error.  Its as if I never typed a command.  Just gives me the
prompt back.
Oddly enough… if I reverse the order of object and xobject
verb "dial"
* number "on" object DoDial … it works ok regardless of the number
Is this a hugo library prob or what?  Please respond e-mail
as my access to usenet is very very limited

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Re: Hugo Games on Mac?

Julian Arnold <jo…@arnod.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> In article <1d12e9z.5tcxoy5fi0…@tok-ip171.polarnet.com>, Kathy I. Morgan
> <URL:mailto:kmor…@polarnet.com> wrote:
> > Is there an interpreter for playing Hugo games on the Macintosh? I found
> > the interpreter for MS Dos, but I didn’t see one for the Mac.

> Unfortunately there is no Mac port. Keep asking though, and someone
> might do one.

Okay, you programmer types–I’m asking!!!! Pretty please?


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Just a quick question in the hope that someone might be able to help me:

I am currently looking at using AGT, TADS or INFORM to write my IF-FICTION game
but I need to know how ( or whether you can ) you can make each location you go
to, clear the screen and put the description at the top in TADS.

If you could e-mail me about it, that would be much easier.
From Christopher "Hobbes" Heppinstall

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Re: 最嚴重香港大專學生界醜聞

arthor wrote:

> 最新小說News

> 末日大專生
> 史上最嚴重香港大專學生界醜聞
> 每周連載 絕對精彩
> http://www.hknet.com/~owun
> 無言精心鉅著
> ˍˍˍˍˍˍˍˍˍˍˍˍˍ
> 傳說中的愛神in戀愛軌道Love Highway(漫畫小說新媒體)
> 作/無言 畫/狐人
> 毆打、搶劫,甚至殺人!似乎惡貫滿盈,其實只為捍為愛情!
> 香港一代匯集、報攤及各書屋有售
> 港幣48圓正

Me, too!


-= "Soul Brother #1" =- | Check out my out-of-date webpage at
"All you need is love." | www.cen.uiuc.edu/~grzanich!
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[OT] What editors are you using?

I was reading the "Inform for Dummies" thread and noticed several Mac
users talking about several editors and their syntax highlighting ability
or lack thereof (BBEdit, Alpha, etc.).

So I ask: do any of you have a favorite text editor (especially DOS
users)? The one I use is Dave Hamel’s BOXER, I use it as a text editor
and word processor (you never know where will be most the most convenient
place to print a paper)!  I think I’ll probably stay with it, because
configuring syntax highlighting is so darn easy and you can configure it
to compile within the program and have the editor read the output and
take you to each error and warning line.

Only one small annoyance: The syntax highlighting scheme doesn’t
highlight more than one line of a string, a bit of a drawback when coding
IF =(  so I could either keep on going on the same line for a thousand or
so characters, or just live with some oddly colored lines (what I have
been doing).

So this is partly a call for alternatives (although with BOXER I think
the good far outweighs the bad), and partly a hope that if more informers
or other IFers try BOXER and like it, there will be more of a demand to
add that feature.

So anyway, try it at

Or tell me your experience with a super editor; for instance, I saw a
definition for syntax highlighting for Inform with UltraEdit earlier.
What do you think of that?


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Anybody who uses TADS

   I am testing out TADS at the moment for my IF game but am not too literate
with it. Is there anyone out there who feels they know a lot about programming
in TADS and is willing to help me out via e-mail?
 From Christopher ‘Hobbes’ Heppinstall



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You can talk, you can bicker…NPC

Ok, I REALLY don’t want to start a mile long thread here, but just an
idea regarding NPC interaction (a subject that has honestly kept me up
at nights recently):  A combination ask/tell system for initiating
conversation with a menu based system for choosing the emotional stance
of your reply.  For example

>Ask wife about car

    "Honey, where’s the car?" you say.

    "The…um…the car?" she mumbles.

    React with:
        1.  Anger
        2.  Suspicion
        3.  Kindness
        4.  Don’t react


    "Yes dear, the car.  I haven’t seen it all day."

    "Well…you see, there was a bit of an accident…" she trails off,
looking at you with a nervous smile

    React with:
        1.  Anger
        2.  Suspicion
        3.  Kindness
        4.  Sorrow
        5.  Don’t react


    "That’s alright dear," you say, sitting next to her.  "But where is
it now?"

And so on and so forth.  This would be an absolute bugger to code,
admittedly, but it gives you the ability to chose freely the topic of
the conversation (and by using the Don’t Reply option and then asking
about something else, change the topic of the conversation) without
feeling forced as you would in a menu, but also gives you more reign for
emotional response.  What does everyone think?

Ian Finley

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[Inform] how to score? <– do not take out of context

Okay, all I want to do is give the player, say, 100 points for saying the
secret verb…. The IDM is very bad at teaching me how scores work, and how
to work scores, so can^H^H^Hwould anybody help me?


World Domination Through Trivia!

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SPAG #12 is out

Issue #12 of SPAG (the e-zine for criticism of IF and text adventures)
is now out. Subscribers to the mailing list should have received it by
that route. A copy has also been uploaded to
ftp://ftp.gmd.de/incoming/if-archive, from where it will be moved to

This issue features reviews of

Acorn Court
Bastow Manor
Everybody Loves a Parade
John’s Fire Witch
The Meteor, the Stone, and a Long Glass of Sherbet
Mystery Island
The Pawn
So Far
The Space Under the Window
Time: All Things Come To An End
Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amanda
The Wedding
Zork I
Zork II
Zork III

Magnus Olsson (m…@df.lth.se, zebu…@pobox.com)
——    http://www.pobox.com/~zebulon   ——
     Not officially connected to LU or LTH.

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Inform For Dummies, Under Construction

Please visit www.placet.com/int-fiction to view the Inform for Dummies
manual while it’s being written. All contributions and comments are

David A. Cornelson, Chicago

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