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New version of Windows Glulxe (and Windows Glk)

I’ve fixed a few issues in Windows Glk, and put a new release of it,
along with a new build of Windows Glulxe:

* Minor improvements to the interpreter’s appearance under Windows Vista.
* Fixed a long-standing bug in glk_window_set_arrangement() when
changing the direction of the window sizing constraint.
* Fixed the incorrect clipping of italic text.
* Pressing a key in any window will now clear any pending [More] prompts
in any other windows, rather than requiring the user to select the
affected window.
* Changed the default values of a few options: window borders are now
off by default, and the default indentation in text buffer windows is
one unit, rather than zero.

Windows Glulxe is available from the Archive and mirrors:

Source and a non-installer zip file of the executable is also available:

I’ve also updated the Windows Glk based versions of Git and Scare, which
are also available from the Archive.


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Newbie question about TADS 3.

What if I want two or more actions on an object to be treated the
exact same way? I remember it was easy to do this in Inform 6 without
copy-and-pasting the same code over and over, but AFAIK the only
method for handling object reactions to actions in TADS is dobjFor and
iobjFor, which take only one argument.

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Blood Sword 3 on ebay, plus more gamebooks!

Plus, some high number Lone Wolf’s a few Middle Earth quest books and
heaps more gamebooks!


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Fancy Room Descriptions & Verbose/Normal/Brief/Superbrief

Hi there, the code below is used for the line break workaround by Jon
Ingold.  However, now the mode will always be "verbose".  How does on check
what mode is current, so the code below can be modified accordingly?

A Procedural rule:

   Substitute the fancy room description body text rule for the room
description body text rule.

This is the fancy room description body text rule:

   If in darkness,

      Carry out the printing the description of a dark room activity;


      Carry out the printing the room description activity with the

      Make no decision.

Printing the room description of something is an activity.

Rule for printing the room description of a room (called space):

   Say "[description of space]";

If a line break is needed after the description of the space,

   Say line break.


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Difficulty compiling with GNU/Linux version of Inform 7

Hello.  I’m having trouble compiling games in Inform 7 on my GNU/Linux
system.  I’m running Debian 4.0 on an x86 processor, and am using Adam
Thornton’s Perl script IDE.

I can change the settings just fine, but on the main menu, if I press
"E" to edit the file, it says:

"*** Cannot find story file! ***

I don’t see any e here!"

If I press "C", "G", or "R" to compile, compile and run, or release
the game, I get the following error:

"Inform 7 build 4U65 has started.
Can’t open debug log
Offending filename: <test.inform/Build/Debug log.txt>"

I have tried putting an empty file in the Build directory with that
name, but I get the same error if I do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I7 Extensions page updated

The I7 Extensions page ( http://www.inform-fiction.org/I7/Download%20-%20Extensions.html
) has been upgraded as follows:

– The defunct "(compatible with 4S08)" tags have been removed, since
they’re no longer relevant; all extensions on the page have been re-
tested as of this afternoon and those that do not compile (and there
are only a couple) have been marked accordingly.
— Extensions are now time-stamped with the date of last modification.
(At the moment everything is registered to today, but new extensions
will be correctly stamped as they are added.)
— New or recently updated extensions are now marked "new" or
— Some new categories have been added to make things easier to find.
— A table of contents appears at the head of the page to make
navigation easier; this also shows in which categories new or updated
extensions have been filed.
— The site now has an RSS feed which will automatically carry
information on any new and updated extensions as they are added.

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It works fine Andrew

Hi Andrew and any other zoom users,

It is mutch better now that the carbon speech is being used. The
preferences are honoured and I can safely say that it doesn’t appear
to bother VoiceOver either. Well done, please keep this in future zoom
versions or make it a preferrence.

All the very best


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how can I make a computer screen a doorway?

I would like my player to get sucked though a computer screen after
clicking an on-screen link. Any idea how I might do that?

I’d also like (in another part) to have the player click links and
read the next screen.

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dynamically creating things in I7

Let’s say I have a new kind of thing called a "hamburger" and I have a
supporter called a "replicator". There is a button on the replicator.
Is there a way I can have the player push the button and have Inform
generate a new a hamburger on the replicator? I cannot seem to do it.

I tried something like

After pressing the button, move a hamburger to the replicator.

But that doesn’t work, so I tried creating a dummy room called
Hamburgerville and storing more hamburgers than the user will ever
need (about 50) and tried moving them then, and it still didn’t work.
Is there a way to have my replicator dynamically create a new
hamburger every time the button is pressed, or is this not possible?

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