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I7: Replacing a Command

I’m working on an example for an extension I’m writing. (The extension
implements notepad objects that the player can write in.) As part of the
example, I’d like to replace the text of the player’s command AFTER the
command has been processed. What I want to do is more or less this:

Instead of showing the conversation book to Beethoven:
        change the text of the player’s command to the memo of the conversation
        restart the action sequence.

…but of course, "restart the action sequence" is pseudo-code. Is there
a way to do this?

At present the example uses ‘After reading a command’. This approach
works, but it only works if the player types the exact words that I’ve
included in the code — the input won’t have been parsed yet. So if I’ve
included "beethoven, play the piano" as a possible match but the player
foolishly types "beethoven, play the broadwood piano", the mechanism
will fail to work.

It’s gonna be a cool example, I think — an NPC who can be given
commands only by writing them down. But a way to restart the action
sequence would make it run more smoothly. Suggestions?


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Tips on writing item descriptions?

Item descriptions are a key part of any IF game, but it seems so hard
to write detailed, interesting and varied descriptions for all those
items in a game!  I’m not talking about descriptions for items that
are important tools and "need" to be played with to finish the
game … just background color.  I know a lot of players (including
me) examine everything they see, and to me that’s a very important
part of the "depth" of a game.

I wondered if there were any articles or essays with tips on writing
item descriptions.  Could you post a few links, please?

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What has helped improve your IF writing skills?

I was wondering what kinds of things have helped people become better IF

Playing lots of games? Feedback from testers and reviewers? Reading
articles? Simply writing lots of games?

Was there any specific thing that had a big impact on you?

David Fisher

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Announce: New javascript based z-machine interpreter

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to inform you, that I have created a new javascript based
z-machine interpreter, which I think works good enough now that I can
present it to the public.

I know, that there already is parchment, which is also javascript based
(and probably quite a bit faster than my interpreter), but I just did it
for the fun of it and I used a completely different approach. The
interpreter was written using the Google Web Toolkit and I re-used quite
a bit of the ZAX-source code (by Matt Kimmel) for it.

The current version should work in Firefox and Safari; it also did seem
to work in opera and on the internet explorer at a first glance. And an
old version also did work on the iPhone – I could not test the current
version though because I don’t own one myself.

It also supports offline operation using google gears.

The interpreter is hosted at


I would be glad if you try it and I would be very happy to receive any
kind of feedback.


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Inform 7: Problem with Formatted Web page under 5Z71

When doing a release version with a website under 5Z71  the formatted
output contains extra line feeds in the output of the webpage. Also
in some cases the text at beginning of some lines is truncated from
source code as well.

This happens under both Mac/Windows versions.

Anyone else notice this or have  this issue?

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IF Comp '09 authors group… (RuleFive)

I’ve noticed a few people posting here looking for the IF Comp ’09
website already, and I imagine it’s about time for people to start
looking for other eyes on their games.

Last year, there were two online groups centered around the IF Comp:
Jim’s game-writing group, which from what I can see helped people turn
out some pretty good games, and the author’s group, RuleFive, that
enabled contestants to talk about the Comp while the Comp was in-

I thought it’d make sense for RuleFive to convene a bit early this
year, to allow authors to check out one another’s games.  I’ll run it
as a semi-open forum, until the Comp starts, so that anyone can beta-

If you have a game you intend to run in this year’s Comp, email me and
I’ll make you a member.

For the RuleFive ’09 forum, go here:



ps – RuleFive isn’t affiliated with IF Comp, but operates with Stephen
Granade’s blessing.

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hello world! I m very excited about joining this group
and i hope i can be of some assistance in  providing
valuable knowledge.

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40 Beautiful Examples of Minimalism in Web Design

Hey everyone, i found this great article and I Let me know what you
Let me know what you think?


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34 Mindblowing Examples Of Digital Art & Photomanipulation

Hi everyone, i just that i would stop by and  share it with  this
wonderful article,

I hope you guys find it interesting, to say the least!

Let me know what you think


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30 Inspiring Web Design Layouts from deviantART

Hello groupies, i found this great pic and

i just had  to share it with you guys! its pretty
I hope you find it as interesting as i have!

Let me know what you think


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