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Conrad Cook was found dead last year, age 38

I am saddened to post this, but I found on Conrad’s facebook page a post from his family reporting that he was found dead last year.

This is the entirety of it, and was posted on November 20, 2012:


From our father, Erben Cook:

Three months ago, in August, in Waltham, Massachusetts they fished the body of a homeless man from the Charles River.

Yesterday, a detective called to tell me that it was my son, Conrad.

They traced him through a homeless shelter. He wasn’t an alcoholic and he wasn’t a drug user. He was brilliant beyond reckoning, put himself through school with scholarships and earned a degree in philosophy, and he was flawed, unable to cope with the world the rest of us live in. At every turn he refused help and he insisted on living at the ragged fringe of society. He proudly called himself a hobo.

I asked him once what he thought of giving money to derelicts who might spend it on drink or drugs. He said, "I always give them money if I can. They might spend it on alcohol or drugs. Or they might just be hungry. How do you know?"

If you are inclined to send condolences or flowers, please just give what you can to the nearest homeless shelter. Or donate some time. There are good people who helped take care of Conrad while he was alive.

Now my boy is gone and there’s nothing left but to cry.

On Tuesday, November 27th we will have a chance to visit with our friends and

Conrad’s over coffee and finger foods:


Brooklawn Funeral Home

511 Brook St.

Rocky Hill, CT


I was also able to find an obituary here: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/hartfordcourant/obituary.aspx?pid=16…

This being the internet, it is of course difficult to know if this is for real, though I will say I checked his facebook page because it had been a long time since I had heard from him. I don’t really know what else to say, except that I will miss him.

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[INFORM6] NPC that have access to player's commands


I would like to know how to create an inform NPCs that can use in character (diegetic) commands that player uses.

Specificaly, I would like, for example, that some NPC, say a boy that you meet in a game, can turn on and off light. Even when he is not in the same location as a player. And to be even more precise, I don’t want that he does it with a statement like

give switch/lamp/room light

give switch/lamp/room ~light

but I would like that he actualy uses a command like

push the button

so that if I would stuck the button with the chewing gum, for example, he could not do it.

Thank you in advance.


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Inform 6.33 beta1

I have uploaded a beta of Inform 6.33 packaged for Unix to the IF
Archive.  The 6.33 compiler will not be ready for official release until
Inform7 concerns are addressed and trouble tickets are cleared.  The new
6/12 library is also included, which adds, among other things,
simplified NPC interaction.

David Griffith

davidmylastn…@acm.org   <— Put my last name where it belongs

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Inform7 Printing room description in After rule

I have the following rule:

After going to the street in the presence of a guard:

   say "’Halt! Who goes there?’";

   continue the action.

The result is:

> w

"Halt! Who goes there?"

The Street

A street of no particular description.

A guard is here

But I want the halt message to appear after the room description has been printed. How can I do this?

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[Inform7 Ita] A collection of extensions in italian for Inform7

For those interested in the new italian Inform7 6G60 extensions: here http://milleuna.3owl.com you can find three on-line simple demos (based on Quixe) with source code. They show the capabilities of the "Hyperlink Interface IT" and other extensions fully translated in italian.

If anyone is interested in the English version of the "Hyperlink Interface" (more advanced than the one 3-years-old available in the I7 repository), feel free to ask for a new demo… and stay tuned for more I7 extensions!

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[Inform 6] Finnish library (beta) available!


A Finnish Inform 6/11 library (first beta version) is now available for public, in here: http://code.google.com/p/inform6suomi (in the "downloads" folder).

More examples and info (in Finnish) should appear in the above address quite soon. Meanwhile you can try Adventureland with Parchment (in Finnish):


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object description in inform6


In order to get the description of an object in a room, I’ve to give the command "look at …". My question is how to automatically get the description of the objects placed in a room in inform6, without "looking" at them?

Thanks in advance for reply!

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inform6 variables


When I try to compile the code below I get a warning on "self.psa_variable = true ;". How should I change the value from false to true?

Thanks in advance for reply!

NPC one "one" one_room1

with psa_variable = true ;

        before [;


                        psa_variable false ;

                        "bla bla bla.^" ;

                        self.psa_variable = true ;

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TADS Coding


  I am new to this group in hopes to find some help with my project I am working on. I have a few questions, but before I ask them, does anyone here still know the old TADS 2 language from way back in the day, like from ’92-ish? A guy named Chris Nebel referred me here for help. I happened to stumble across his email in the tads compiler log window, which he ported for the old macs. I am using an old Quadra 950, but I don’t think that is relevant here.

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[Inform 6] Verbs


Is it possible to write what word combinations should give a certain answer in the objects’s "before"? In the case below I want to get the answer "bla bla bla." after writing "a big car" or "dog elephant fish", but I get "Error:  Expected assignment or statement but found <constant>" from the compiler on "’a big car’ ‘dog elephant fish’:".

Thanks advance for reply!

NPC one "one" one_room1
with psa_variable = false ;
        before [;
                ‘a big car’ ‘dog elephant fish’:
                        print "bla bla bla.^" ;
                        self.psa_variable = true ;

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