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NWHQ – 2 WWW Release


The new issue of NWHQ is now on the server…

It is a hypermedia literary/art journal created specifically for the
WorldWide Web, no other versions exist. The new issue features work by
writers Alan Sondheim (U.S.A.), Frank Stevenson (Taiwan), Tim Mclaughlin
(Canada), Bill New (U.S.A.), Elizabeth Fischer (Canada), Jeff Keller
(Canada), Irene Sosniak (U.S.A.), Attila Balogh (Hungary).

The intent is for the works and site to grow hypertextually into a
labyrinthine structure, It will continually be added to and shifting; and
in time we hope to have hypertexted books online.

NWHQ is published by Knossopolis and it is edited, designed and illustrated
by Elizabeth Fischer.

here is the URL:


<A HREF="http://www.wimsey.com/~jmax/Knossopolis/">Knossopolis</A> is proud
to announce the second edition of
<A HREF="http://www.wimsey.com/~jmax/"><B>NWHQ</B></A>, a hypermedia
magazine of art and literature. The second edition of
<A HREF="http://www.wimsey.com/~jmax/"><B>NWHQ</B></A> builds upon the
first, incorporating parts of the original in a new labyrinthine structure.
It is our intention that the artistic works in
<A HREF="http://www.wimsey.com/~jmax/"><B>NWHQ</B></A> can be ultimately
"grown" into a network of novel-length literature. Featured artists include
Tim McLaughlin, Jeff Keller, Alan Sondheim, Frank W. Stevenson, Bill New,
Irene Sosniak, Attila Balogh, and Elizabeth Fischer.
<A HREF="http://www.wimsey.com/~jmax/"><B>NWHQ</B></A> exists thanks to the
WWW server at <A HREF="http://www.wimsey.com/">Wimsey Information
Services</A>, Burnaby B.C., Canada.

To its best advantage, it should be viewed on a Mac with MacMosaic 2.a6 (a8
is still to buggy), as the HTML pages are designed to its specifications
(spaces, transparencies, forms) … styles set to the default.

On a PC some of the layout (centering)  may be off but if text style is set
to Times or equivalent, size 12, most of it should be okay.

And the load images option should preferably be turned on as the graphics
are an integral part of the whole design.

We are looking forward to your comments…



        -*- it’s a dog-eat-dogfood world -*-

 n…@wimsey.com         NWHQ         knossopolis

—Dave Watson—-Da…@wimsey.bc.ca—Voice Pager:(604) 252-1474–
  Information Engineer for Knossopolis Media’s WWW Production Team
      Home Page URL    http://www.wimsey.com/~jmax/Knossopolis/
        Me? An Infotec grad. Also a rock critic (semi-retired).
         "You have burdened your memory with exploded systems
                and useless names."  - Mary Shelley              
——————Disclaimer: I *AM* my employer.—————-

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2 Responses to “NWHQ – 2 WWW Release”

  1. admin says:

    Max Palmer (m…@phastr.soton.ac.uk) wrote:

    : Hello all,
    :           having seen my unfinished game running in and out of a desktop
    : environment I would like to comment about windowed adventures and other
    : gimmicks.
    : [ deletia ]
    : In addition, what do people think about the use of coloured text ? In my
    : game (sorry to keep going on about it) the standard location text is given
    : in mid-light grey, the command line is in a tasteful amber colour (if
    : amber can be tasteful), the rose compass appearing after the location
    : description is in white (see <4>) and any time related events appear in
    : light grey so that changes/events can be picked out at a glance when
    : moving around. I have also adopted the use of a ‘You go XXX’ message which
    : is given in green if the move is successful or if not you get a message in
    : red indicating that you have been unsuccessful. All in all I think it
    : makes the interface much quicker, and possibly easier to use.  

    Using color for highlighting can be extremely useful. (I’m thinking of
    syntax highlighting in compilers, here).  I feel strongly that anything
    that uses color in this way should:

    1) Not *depend* on the colors.
    2) Allow the user to customize the colors.

    This allows the program to still be useful when used by someone who
    is color blind or only has a monochrome monitor (say, a laptop).

    – Katy

  2. admin says:

    Max Palmer:

    >I didn’t like the command line
    >being separated from the response text and found it annoying having to
    >rearrange all of the windows (inventory, text, graphics and command line)

    This is what I’m trying to avoid.

    My design goal is: the game should be playable without using the
    keyboard.  To try to ensure this, the prototype is not going to let
    you type anything at all, so every bit of awkwardness in the interface
    will have to be fixed. :)

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